Renova Implant System

SINCE 2004

Our major product line is Renova implant system designed by Altracore Biomedical in cooperation with leading international clinicians and launched in the market in 2004. Our implant system has a number of clinical benefits confirmed by multiple studies. These benefits allowed the system to gain its position in the international markets and be successfully used by dentists all over the world for over 15 years. 

  • UNIQUE MACROSTRUCTURE combines the best qualities of parallel and tapered implants.
  • APICAL KNIVES allow to place Renova implant in variable height positions.
  • RBM SURFACE provides 250% more bone-to-implant contact and no acid etching of the surface. Ultrapure and ultrastrong titanium alloy Ti6AI4V ELI has reduced oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and iron levels.


Osteogenics Biomedical Regeneration products

exclusive distributor

Altracore Biomedical is a strategic partner and exclusive distributors for Osteogenics Biomedical in Russia and CIS countries. Osteogenics Biomedical is a recognized leader in manufacturing innovative products for bone regeneration. Osteogenics offers complete line of materials for bone grafting procedure, including: 

  • Cytoplast ™ PTFE non-resorbable polytetrafluorethylene membranes
  • Cytoplast™ RTM collagen membrane with long-term resorption
  • Vitala™ collagen membrane manufactured from porcine pericardium
  • Pro-fix™ precision system for membrane fixation, bone blocks and tenting screws
  • Cytoplast ™ PTFE Sutures

Cervico SYSTEM

mastering the emergence profile

Designed for chairside fabrication of individual healing abutments and individual impression transfers with composite materials.  

Cervico is a system of tools dedicated to make easy the application of a combination of evidenced proved concepts, that inspired people developed and tested through research long before we even understood their long term importance . Cervico concept involves correct implant positioning, ideal soft tissue management and biologically integrated implant prosthesis. The final goal is to establish the foundation for long term stable results, resilient to the biggest problem we are facing today, peri-implantitis.


Dr. Christian Coachman’s Clinical hub and the global Digital Smile Design Center

The Center provides different options to any clinic to treatment plan the case with the highest possible precision, using advanced innovative software, protocols and DSD quality control. The center guarantees the opportunity to use every advantage of interdisciplinary digital dentistry and state-of-the-art technologies to implement TX plan.


  • Upgrade for your clinic to a new level of Digital and Emotional Dentistry with the assistance of the best team of interdisciplinary specialists from the world best Planning Center.
  • Simplified diagnostics through extra- and intraoral esthetic and structural assessment of the clinical case
  • Improved communication with the patient, increased acceptance of the clinical case
  • Easy access to digital lab in Madrid for fabrication of digital files or prosthetic constructions using CAD/CAM technology.



Densah technology is based on an innovative technique of bone preparation, known as “osteodensification”.

Unlike traditional technique of preparing an osteotomy this method implies that the doctor does not remove bone from the hole but on the contrary compresses bone and fills the socket with it. It contributes to better stabilization and faster osteointegration of the implant. It can be used with different implant systems.


G + NM = Gnathology + Neuromuscular dentistry

Advanced combination of occlusal protocols and techniques, which improves clinical success, based on objective data associated with gnathological and neuromuscular systems in dentistry. Most universal method used today to determine physiological occlusion from the Guru - Dr. Clayton Chan.

Unique protocol (Chan protocol) and holistic approach to treatment, where occlusion is considered as a most significant aspect for comfortable life-style, exercising sports and treating various deceases from apnea to TMJ disorders.


  • Mio-monitor J5 – this appliance is developed to treat TMJ disfunction and neo-facial syndrome of masticatory and cervical muscles.
  • K7 – diagnostic equipment designed to analyze masticatory muscles and pathways of mandible movements, assessment of clicks and pops, which occur in the temporomandibular joint during movements of the mandible.


MULTI-STAGE EDUCATIONAL TRAINING SYSTEM combines theoretical and practical/hands-on courses allowing specialists, who use Altracore Biomedical products, to master techniques and protocols, including implant placement and use of all other associated components.

A NUMBER OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS comprise “live” surgeries or demonstration of state-of-the art digital technologies for diagnostics and treatment.

OUR MENTORS are among the best specialists in dentistry, they maintain the highest quality standards in education, scientific and clinical practice.